Инструкция к bosch maxx 5

инструкция к bosch maxx 5
Turn the programme selector to 30 C y Cottons + Linens. Never clean the appliance with a water jet. Turn the programme selector to the desired pro gramme. The programme starts. q After approx. 10 minutes, turn the programme selector to 0. Page 40 Only use dyes that are environmentally compatible Dyeing and suitable for use in washing machines.

Пользовалась несколько раз этим режимом Для того, чтобы просто освежить вещь. Always wash white and coloured items separately. according to degree of dirt slight dirt No recognizable dirt or staining. This is necessary if very little or no water flows into the Cleaning water inlet washing machine. Page 34: Customer Service Customer Service Before calling the Customer Service, please make sure that you cannot eliminate the fault yourself (refer to Page 31). This is because consultation provided by our technicians, even within the warranty period, will lead to costs being incurred by yourself. Page 60 q to the tap. q After connecting the water inlet hose: Turn on the water tap completely, and check connection points for water tightness. Page 35: Consumption Rates Consumption Rates Normal programme Load Consumption rates ** (without additional (without additional Electricity Water Duration functions) 40 C y Cottons + Linens 5.0 kg * 0.55 kWh 54 l 118 min. 60 C y Cottons + Linens 5.0 kg 0.95 kWh 54 l 118 min.

The water lies below the visible part of the drum. Otherwise, please set the drying time according to the instructions. q Press the button to set the desired drying time, the programme will be washing and drying without interruption. Page 30: Spin Speed You can reduce the displayed spin speed. The Active control light comes on, and the new programme starts. Different types of washing can be washed together.

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