Инструкция телефона discovery v5 android 2 3 5

After holding the button for 10 seconds, all blue LEDs will blink two times. This mode generates less network # traffic than the other modes, but some updates, possibly entire jobs, may be missed # — deferred_notifications: updates are received as jmx notifications and published at # regular intervals, possibly aggregated in the interval. This is done via the following property: jppf.socket.max-idle = timeout_in_seconds If the timeout value is less than 10 seconds, then it is considered as no timeout. Note that alarms and errors are only shown when the app is active.

Which indicates that the pin code has been reset. The configuration in the updated product (BlueSolar MPPT Charge Controller, Phoenix Inverter, Peak Power Pack, etcetera) is maintained during the update: it is not needed to reconfigure it after updating. Note that this property is optional, since the JPPF client fetches it from the JPPF driver during the communication handshake. It is thus recommended to leave it unspecified. Note that the update must be completed to continue using VictronConnect. It is also possible to manually update a product. Такие способы никуда не исчезли и подробно рассмотрены на форумах профильных ресурсов 4PDA и xda-developers. Android 5.0.x The pairing does not work on some devices running Android 5.0.x. The pin code popup does not appear.
Automatic updates are done offline and no internet connection is needed. The PUK code is on the product label, on the back of the product. On a desktop (Windows, Mac), right click the product item instead of pressing and holding. VictronConnect will be opened and show “File added to the firmware library”. If the message doesn’t appear repeat the previous step. Go to the “Product info” page and tap on “Update firmware” Select the correct file from the list. You can check this by clicking the info button located at the top right corner of the discovery page.

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