Imacros для ie инструкция

imacros для ie инструкция
Contents iMacros Commands Reference Built-In Variables Built-in variable names always start with an exclamation mark («!»). See also this iMacros variable types overview. Update: This has been fixed starting with iMacros 10.4 so that the installation location can now be specified when running the setup wizard. Yes, if a command inside a macro triggers a page (re-)load iMacros automatically waits until the page is completely loaded before it continues with the next command. You don’t have time to create iMacros yourself? The reason for this message is that the extraction anchor, given mainly by the ATTR parameter of the TAG command, could not be found on the currently active web site. This depends on the website that processes this input. To assign a value to the variable you can use either the SET command, the -var_varname varvalue command line argument, or the iimSet command of the Scripting Interface. Q: How to display the content of a variable?

Все возможности расширения станут доступными сразу после установки Firefox и его последующей перезагрузки. More information about VBS files can be found in our online Windows Scripting Host tutorial or in this manual. Q: How do I link several macros together or run one after the other? Now simply perform whatever tasks you wish to record, such as surfing to web sites, filling out forms, making a test order on your e-commerce site or any other task of your choosing. Please see this relevant FAQ for more on how to do this. The URL command is inserted by default every time you start recording a macro.

Thus, during replay, these WAIT 114 statements slow down the process of replaying. Suggested workaround: Use the iMacros screenshot feature and then use this screenshot as input for an OCR program. Q: Sometimes multiple items inside one cell are separated by
instead of creating individual cells for the data. This command handles such a dialog so your macros are not interrupted by script errors. «ONLOGIN USER=username PASSWORD=password RETRY=[YES|NO]» // Handles login dialogs. Use «Add Existing Item» (Shift+Alt+A), and not «Add Reference». This is the case for all items you want to publish with your project, like a help web page, a readme file, or examples.

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