Инструкция филипс 32 pfl3507h/12 видео

инструкция филипс 32 pfl3507h/12 видео
Back-up Software Upgrade Application: Disconnect the TV from the AC Power, press + hold the INFO button (or cursor down) of the RC and connect set to mains. What to do in this case:1. Create a directory “UPGRADES” on the USB stick.2. Rename the “autorun.upg” to something else, e.g. to “software.upg”. Do not use long or complicated names, keep it simple. Page 44 Computer Connect the computer to the TV with an HDMI cable. Manage favourites You can view all channels or only a list of your favourite channels so that you can find them easily.

This TV supports CI as well as CI+. CI+ supports premium HD digital programmes with a high level of copy protection. You can enjoy the best of the Internet from… Page 47 Start wireless setup 1. Switch on your wireless network router. 2. Connect the Philips USB adapter PTA01 to a USB connector on the TV. The wireless installation starts automatically. 3. Follow the onscreen instructions. Page 39 Connect the recorder to the TV with a SCART cable. Page 35 SCART A SCART connection combines video and audio signals. SCART connectors can handle RGB video signals but cannot handle high-definition (HD) TV signals. CVBS CVBS only transmits video. After you have switched on Philips EasyLink, the following features are available: One-touch play When you play an HDMI-CEC compliant device, the TV switches on from standby and switches to the correct source. Your model may return multiple results, some of which may contain only the parts list.

Good quality connectors transfer picture and sound better. Where do I find the type number on my product? Start installation 1. Page 28: Update Channel List Install digital channels If you know the channel frequency of the channels you want to install, you can search and store digital channels one-by-one. Video playback options While you play video, press to access the following video options: … Page 18: Browse Smart Tv Browse Smart TV What you can do *Available on certain models only. Page 13 Switch TV channels  Press CH +/- on the remote control or  Press the Numeric buttons to enter a channel number. Connect the computer to the TV with a VGA cable and an audio cable.

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