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Coordinates should also be added to articles about events that are associated with a single location, for example, the Ufa train disaster. Давайте взглянем на кое-что из того, что вы создали за прошедший месяц! ДАЛЕЕ Комьюнити-дайджест: октябрь 2013 Вы очень талантливые и увлеченные люди. Вы вдохновляете нас. Вы офигенные. This is because it is impossible to represent all cases correctly in a usable tabular format. The fungus causes cankers that inhibit the movement of nutrients in black walnut, leading to crown and branch dieback, and ultimately death.[26] Allelopathy[edit] Black walnut is allelopathic as it excretes chemicals into its environment which harm competition. They are 30–60 cm (1–2 ft) long, typically even-pinnate but there is heavy variation among leaves. Such items can vary in size from a single tree (or smaller) to entire oceans or continents.

The male (staminate) flowers are in drooping catkins 8–10 cm (3 1⁄4–4 in) long. This is initially primarily intended for use by geotagging robots, so that data is not blindly repeatedly copied from format to format and Wikipedia to Wikipedia, with progressive loss of precision and attributability. Squirrels benefit this species by distributing and burying the seeds; if the seeds are not reclaimed by the squirrel, they will germinate and help disperse the species. Black walnut is an important tree commercially, as the wood is a deep brown color and easily worked. Best For: Cold, flu, allergies, fever, sinus infections, diarrhea, pinkeye and other eye infections, skin infection or rash Talk to a doctor now Visit your local retail clinic for flu shots or help with mild rashes, fevers, or colds. The resources can be maps of various kinds, topological charts, satellite photos and others.
Map layers include satellite images (using Landsat7 data) with zoomlevels down to a resolution <100m, and daily updated MODIS satellite data. The Geography Portal is associated with WikiProject Geography. Guidelines for less obvious situations are given below.

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