Bosch exclusiv f 1000 инструкция

Using your washing machine in an efficient and environmentally friendly manner: q Do not exceed recommended load. Page 44: Levelling Procedure All four appliance feet must be firmly on the ground. Инструкция от производителя научит правильно управлять, а соблюдение правил применения увеличит срок службы техники.

Для того, что бы распечатать нужную инструкцию, нажмите комбинацию клавиш ctrl+P. Если Вы увидели в списке один материал с несколькими моделями стиральных машин, значит, эти инструкции являются едиными для нескольких моделей. Dispenser 2 Additives, e.g. fabric softener or former. Can be rotated in either direction. 2. Control lights illuminate The programme selector does not rotate End when programme is finished. while the programme is running the Active when M Start is pressed. Page 37: Washing Machine On the rear of the appliance: — Water drainage hose — Elbow for attachment of the drainage hose, e.g. to the sink. — Mains cable with plug. Page 35: Customer Service Customer service Before calling the Customer Service, please make sure that you cannot eliminate the fault yourself (refer to Page 32). This is because consultation provided by our technicians, even within the warranty period, will lead to costs being incurred by yourself.
Page 38: Installation Area Appliance stability is important so that the washing Installation area machine does not wander» during the spin cycles. All our washing machines are built to last, but to give you total peace of mind we include parts and labour guarantees on many models. All packaging packaging materials are environment friendly and recyclable. Документы можно загрузить в формате pdf или открыть прямо на сайте.

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