Инструкция к антенне hvt 600

These terminals deliver a negative-going spike in the 0.15 µS mode. Each ODF type is designed with an emphasis on superior cable management and ease of use. This antenna can support DX contacts up to 7000 km or more (e.g. US to Eastern Europe). HVT-600 is available to Universal Radio for $79.95, also on eBay. Thanks for all the reviews, they are very helpful! VE5EDE Rating: 3/5 Nov 14, 2013 17:45 Send this review to a friend Good arre Mount&nbsp Time owned: more than 12 months This antenna works the complete bands from 20m up with no problems.

Добавлять комментарии могут только зарегистрированные, активировавшие регистрацию и не ограниченные в доступе участники сайта! Welcome to the Ham Radio Web Page of… CURRENT HAM RADIO BAND CONDITIONS: Hi there! My name is Gary Brown (NO9G). I live in a little town located in the Western suburbs of downtown Chicago called West Chicago, Illinois. But this model is versatile and modular. It is made of aluminium and composite material. Performance The antenna gain displays in these tables is the value given by the manufacturer. In other words, a value measured in «unknown conditions of use» as most of them never list the heigth of the antenna and the soil properties. About 125 kHz on 40m and perhaps 25 kHz on 80m. Good contacts when conditions are favourable. It does what it says it does.Alas, twice I have tapped an overhead tree branch and both times it has nearly destroyed the PL-259 base connector of this antenna.
Esto ltimo generalmente est relacionado con el tamao de las antenas, de modo que no puede esperarse demasiado de antenas pequeas como sta. The Solar Model 8282-1 Transient Pulse Generator provides up to 600 V peak amplitude for each of the 0.15, 5.0 and 10.0 µS spikes. Note that Hi-Q-4/160 RT (10-160m bands) is similar in size. Therefore in the next table I have listed larger antennas, light enough to be moved on portable operations but mostly designed for a semi-permanent installation (a week-end, on holidays, etc) or a field activity, and to work DX. These are shortened directional antennas and one vertical.

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