Corellaser инструкция

corellaser инструкция
There are 4 different CorelDRAW effects/filters we are going to apply to the photo. Laser Tube Compartment – Note the sticker that I could not removeNext you will note the water pump. My first thought was “This can’t be an aquarium pump can it?”. Just to clarify – Yes it is. It’s not even a very good aquarium pump at that. Protect your eyes – This should go without saying but NEVER look into the beam. Fan Sits Loosely Leaning Back – I removed the vent duct for the pictureThere was a screw holding the laser tube compartment shut as well as the control panel compartment. Mirror Alignment Maybe I’m unlucky but mine had misaligned mirrors when it arrived and of course the manual had no information describing how to align the mirrors. I thought the laser was broken because it would just sort of trail off and stop cutting through the material. Bitmap…. — Allows you to import a bitmap into your project.

Unless you’re unlucky the laser will make a hole right through the receipt tape. Laser machine (software) Operator’s Manual for machines controlled by MPC6515 USB interface and PAD03 Operator console. Refer-X — The x reference of the stock relative to the machine’s coordiantes.

Maximize — Zoom such that artwork fills the screen. After hitting Add Task, the window should close. This is the third part of this article, in case you missed them, check out part 1 and part2 before you read on. Manuals and Tutorials for Laser Engraver / Cutter Machines Manuals and Tutorials Software (and general reference documents): LaserCut 5.3 Software Manual for laser machines controlled by MPC6515 USB interface. We generally operate the Blue Laser Cutter from within Corel Draw. Graph and Text Properties Step — Step size in millimeters.

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