Artromot e2 compact инструкция

artromot e2 compact инструкция
Patients use no effort of their own with PROM, and simply relax while the outside force moves the body part through the available range of motion. What is Range of Motion (ROM)? Just as your therapist measures your gait, strength, balance and flexibility, testing your range of motion abilities is the simple measurement of the amount of movement in and around a specific joint. Each body joint has a normal ROM, expressed in degrees, which can be measured with a goniometer instrument. If you are experiencing decreased range of motion in a knee or elbow, for example, your therapist assesses your starting, baseline ROM before any intervention takes place. The 3 Types of Range of Motion Therapy There are three distinct types of therapy used in ROM therapy: passive, active and active-assist. Subsequent readings are then reapplied periodically as treatment protocols progress, to determine changes taking place on the road to recovery. It is important for patients to understand what their own range of motion measurements are, and what their goal ROM may be.

МЕДИЦИНСКИЙ ЦЕНТР Ставим на ноги пациентов с помощью высокопрофессиональных врачей и современных методик! Most commonly employed during the first phase of rehabilitation following surgery or trauma, passive range of motion therapy using CPM devices helps control post-operative pain, reduces inflammation and edema and protects the healing repairs and tissues. Новые аппараты Непрерывной Активной Мобилизации — это результат нашей деятельности, ориентированной, в первую очередь, на пациента. Artromot™ E2 Compact Elbow CPM provides anatomical motion for the elbow and enhances patient comfort and compliance. Der DJO-Patientenbetreuer bringt die Motorschiene zum Patienten nach Hause, passt diese an und weist den Patienten in die Anwendung ein.

Пауза после сгибания/супинации 0 сек. — 60 мин. Здание поликлиники «Юнимед» +7 (8552) 78-09-35. The goal of all three types is to gently increase ROM while also decreasing stiffness, swelling and pain. Chattanooga Pressure Biofeedback Stabilizer The Chattanooga Pressure Biofeedback Stabilizer registers changing pressure in an air filled pressure cell.

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