Инструкция на русском-line 6 pod xt live

инструкция на русском-line 6 pod xt live
When I actually received the unit, plugged in my guitar and strummed a chord, all I could say was «wow, this thing sounds amazing!» Line 6 did a phenomenal job with the Helix. None quite beat a real tube amp in the room (but all can get close!), all excel at giving great results for recordings and offer great varieties of sounds. Кроме того, процессор способен эмулировать 32 усилителя и 15 кабинетов. В комплекте к процессору прилагается диск с компьютерной программой Emagic SoundDiver. The internal cabs suck so I use 3rd party IR’s. It actually sounds like a mic’d cabinet is in another room. Seriously, you can control an entire band with a single Helix.4. The built-in looper should account for $400 on its own. It is easy to use and does a great job.5. The Helix is extremely versatile and powerful in every sense.

One of the brilliant things is the touch sensitive switches that it has. This was similar to other reviews.The amps are solid and free updates and additions come from time to time. I mostly use impulse responses and have found several free IRs on the forums. This unit is going to be viable for quite some time.Also thanks to Ed Nystrom my Sweetwater Sales representative and also his assistant Keith Turner for making sure I was taken care of during the ordering and shipping process.

Better than anything in the past, but still lacked the tone-depth, and nuance of analog gear. Also, the volume pedal really works. I don’t know why these things never seem to have the right weight, sensitivity, resilience, whatever. Simple. And I love it.Like I said, time well spent. Регулировка же параметров устанавливается с помощью программных кнопок, установленных под дисплеем ручек Select и Effect Tweak.

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