Инструкция к whistler 945

Check the Clerk ID and try the report again. NO LINE DETECTED Top of page The terminal cannot detect an available communications line so will not begin communicating. The live part of the course drops down to 1 day and mostly consists of scanning, with brief mini-lectures and/or demos to remind participants how to do the scan. Wait until the ENTER ORIGINAL AUTHORIZATION # entry screen reappears, and then check your criteria, and try again. OR Press Can/Ann to return to the READY screen. -Credit Refund Void: No Original Authorization number was found in the current Batch that matches the one that was keyed in. This message appears if the number of PINs entered exceeds that limit. Check the number of seconds entered and enter a valid value when the prompt re-appears. VALID VALUES FROM 0 TO 30% PRESS OK Top of page This message is displayed if the preset Tip percentage is not in the right range. Contact the Moneris Merchant Service Centre for assistance. CONTACTLESS TRANSACTION LIMIT EXCEEDED T op of page CUSTOMER — INSERT CARD INTO READER T op of page A chip card was swiped on the Magnetic Stripe Card Reader instead of inserted into the chip card reader.

Press OK to return to the READY screen and try the transaction again. If the message reappears, contact the Moneris Merchant Service Centre for assistance. ERROR 405 NO ENQ FROM HOST Top of page This applies to Dial Communications only. Product Dimensions (WxHxD) (in.) 29 7/8 in x 3 1/4 in x 21 1/2 in Cutout Dimensions (WxD) (in.) 28-1/2 x 19-5/8. Try to re-initialize again. If this does not work, Contact the Moneris Merchant Service Centre for assistance. ERNEX INITIALIZATION REQUIRED Top of page The Moneris/Ernex Host is requesting a re-initialization of the terminal. Re-initialize for Ernex. Graduates can therefore enter the CPoCUS IP certification pathway. The terminal will revert to Ethernet communications for the next transaction. ETHERNET DOWN PRESS OK T op of page The terminal has checked the Ethernet connection and determined that it is unavailable for communication. Please wait until the terminal returns to the READY screen or another message appears. SYSTEM PROBLEM SECURITY LIMIT PLEASE RETRY Top of page The terminal limits the number of PINs that can be entered in a specific time frame.
Although it brings you new indications, EDE 2 retains the principles of the original EDE course including content that sticks to the essentials, an emphasis on learning image generation, and the straightforward and safe incorporation of POCUS into clinical practice. EDE 2 is a 2-day course. Engines[edit] The M39 series were originally powered by a Continental R6602, a 224 hp (167 kW) 602 cu in (9.9 L) inline 6 cylinder gasoline engine. Press the Can/Ann key. If this was an automatic SAF upload attempted during a transaction (Close Batch or Multi-terminal Reporting), the transaction is cancelled then the READY screen appears. If this was a manual SAF upload attempt, the READY screen appears.

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