Инструкция nissan sd33

инструкция nissan sd33
Содержание Nissan Patrol первого поколения В сентябре 1951 года появился 4W60, названный японским дилерами Nissan как Nissan Store, позже переименованный Nissan Bluebird Store в 1966 году. Insist on a cold-start inspection.One last thing: Many Scout II owners have been retrofitted the larger International Harvester 392-cid V-8, but the vehicles were never offered with it from the factory. Apply liquid seeler. va” “øg Drift Liquid sealer xl sEMo34 CAMSHAFT ALIGNMENT l. Check camshaft joumal and cám surface for bend, wear or damage. If fault is beyond limit, replace. 2. Check camshaft bend at center journal. If bend is greater than Specified limit, repair or replace carnshaft. And surprisingly, the five-link, coil-spring suspension arrangement added less than $1500 to the price of the cab-chassis Patrol, proving popular with recreational four-wheel drivers who didn’t need a wagon. Among other refinements, the 4.2-litre petrol engine gained the benefit of electronic fuel injection (EFI), which improved refinement but did little for the engine’s thirsty nature. The original-condition models have the greatest potential for increasing in value.Like the first-generation models, the buyer has to be careful about investing in a Scout II with a lot of needs, as the restoration cost can quickly exceed the vehicle’s market value.

Третье поколение внедорожника выпускалось с 1980 по 1989 годы. Patrol получил пружинную подвеску вместо рессорной, что увеличило комфорт и проходимость автомобиля. Stem to guide clearance is 1/2 of measured value. Дилеры запчастей Nissan так же не принимали различия в названиях.

Refer to Inspection and Repair. 9. Install oil jet so that it can face each gear. 6. Install oil pump assembly. 7. Measure piston top clearance. (l) Set piston to T. D.C. (2) Measure clearance between top of piston and cylinder block with dial gauge. Refer to BLEEDING FUEL SYSTEM in sec- tion EF. INJECTION AND FUEL SYSTEM CHECKlNG AND ADJUSTING INJECTION TIMING CHECKlNG Check alignment marks on pump and engine front plate. Warpage of surface: Less than 0.2 mm (0.008 in) Measuring position SEM019 If beyond the Specified limit, correct with a surface grinder.

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