Инструкция для suzuki kizashi

инструкция для suzuki kizashi
Handling is crisp and composed with little body lean in fast corners. The front-wheel drive Kizashi is also available with all-wheel drive. «Handling is crisp and composed with little body lean in fast corners. Suzuki’s UK distributor expects to sell just 500 of these compact four-door saloons in its first year – in a segment where the most popular models will hit 50,000 units. That will further direct the diagnosis for that problem. Unless otherwise noted, all vehicles shown on this website are offered for sale by licensed motor vehicle dealers. Last year I suggested that the Kizashi’s chassis needed another round of tuning.

The keyless ignition, for example, provoked exasperation because it required a determined push on the button to start or stop the engine. “Must push start/stop button two or more times to kill engine,” noted one driver. Even with the “Sport” tuning, the Kizashi’s ride remains quiet and polished. The more I drove the Kizashi Sport SLS, the more I liked it. Several drivers found the speedometer to be optimistic, two whacked their heads on the trunklid (requires awareness when leaning in), and for a time there were notes about a persistent pull to the left in straight-line travel, though this seems to have been cured at about 26,000 miles.

More than one driver reported difficulty getting the car into reverse, often experiencing partial engagement and consequent gear grinding. Materials quality is nothing special, but we’d call it competitive with rivals like the Honda Accord. The Kizashi’s main shortcomings might have been addressed already if the car had met with more sales success. Suzuki does offer all-wheel drive, but it comes only with the CVT automatic. Something that wasn’t cured was the vague action of the six-speed manual transmission. This car is so comfortable for long drives.

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