Lego 70107 инструкция

One day, Cragger wants to visit the Sacred Pool of Chi in the Lion Chi Temple. The most interesting bit is the odd neck brace that cants the head forward to give Cragger a looming stance. The Speedorz set is also a likely pass, unless, like me, you can’t resist getting a minifig skunk. The back page of the instruction manual attempted to explain the game using only pictures and a thumbs-up symbol, but I’m not sure I understood beyond pointing the Speedorz (is the singular Speedor, or is it still Speedorz?) at the included ramp to hit the wolf target. Between us we own 16,050,809 sets worth at least US$430,830,172 and containing 4,110,551,440 pieces. These are all Lego Legends of Chima sets.

Фантазия и кубики творили чудеса, а каждая новая машинка была не похожа на предыдущую. The 6 sets in this line each come in plastic bags with a zip-top. LEGO has moved to using bags instead of canisters for all of their action figures since dumping the Bionicle line, and it’s a real shame. Remove the custom ad blocker rule(s) and the page will load as expected. They played and worked together, cooperated and prospered until the outbreak of the CHIMA conflicts.
LEGO® Lego Galaxy Squad sets are a great childrens toy. Бесплатные версии предлагают с десяток чудных моделей на каждый вкус, начиная с двигателя V8, и заканчивая Эйфелевой башней. The weapon blades come only in this and the Worriz set I got, and in one Hero Factory set. Некоторые приложения от автора затрагивают и отпрыска LEGO — Duplo. Для Боена, Beretta 92 — любимое творение, ведь он действительно как настоящий.

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