Robinair ac690pro инструкция видео

Candidates achieving the pass level are awarded a City & Guilds 7543-001 certificate. DOWNLOAD BOOKING FORM KEY FACT City & Guilds 7543-001 is a ‘lifetime qualification’. There are no subsequent re-test or top-up requirements and therefore represents a cost effective investment. Module 4 Basic Diagnostics — 1 day Reviews the principles of A/C, with detail on fault finding for both thermostatic expansion valve (TXV) and fixed orifice tube (FOT) systems, using gauge pressures for diagnostics. This product is developed using advanced techniques & best in quality material keeping in mind the set norms of market.

Training Manual The Autoclimate Training Manual, covering all six modules, is available for purchase. Each module is well structured – working towards desired outcomes at each stage. Module 5 Climate Control — 1 day Introduces climate control configurations, functions, operations and components before examining diagnostic techniques for climate control components, dual zone systems and twin evaporator systems. Sample procedures are given for liquid refrigerant flushing and retrofit, i.e. converting R12 systems to R134a. Module 3 Auto Electrics Introduction — 1 day Provides technicians with a basic overview of general principles and specifics relevant to A/C, includes practical exercises on fault finding. Theoretical explanations are supported by illustrations, practical exercises, workshop activity and classroom assessments. Multiple choice is used to minimise the need for written assessments. To obtain maximum value it is recommended that all modules are completed – with an interval of 3-6 months between each module.
Prior to starting the programme, the technician can register for a City & Guilds Profile of Achievement – this is then awarded on completion of the final stage. Module 1 A/C Fundamentals and Refrigerant Handling — 2 days First principles of theory through to legislation covering the ozone layer and the greenhouse effect, service equipment, procedures and practical assessment. Русскоязычное управление и меню Делайте свою работу максимально просто и быстро. The modular courses are held at the Autoclimate Training Centre in Shrewsbury. Установка OTC AC 690 PRO оборудована двухступенчатым мощным фирменым насосом Robinair. Производства компании находящиеся в Китае и Южной Корее, используют единую систему менеджмента и контроля качества основанную на стандартах ISO9000.Разработано в Европе для ЕвропыМенеджмент и контроль качества на базе ISO9000Встроенная система самодиагностики.

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