Видеокамера тошиба камилео p30 5xoptical zoom инструкция

Operation In setting Submenu, press Down Button to go to the Default Setting menu. Rolling Wheel: Rotate to move to the previous/next movie/ picture. Move between Date and Time by using Up/ Down Buttons. Operation Press RECORD/PLAY Button ( from Record Mode to Playback Mode Main Menu.There are 2 options in the Playback Mode, Movie and Picture. Connect the other end of the cable to a television. Page 22: Picture Effect Picture Effect Operation Display Screen In Picture Record Mode, touch (on-screen icon) to show the wheel menu.

Touch [Yes] to execute the operation and [No] to cancel the operation. Connect the other end of the cable to a television. Delete Movies Operation Use Up/Down Buttons to select the Delete option. Page 25: Lock Movies, Repeat Movies Lock Movies Single or all movies can be locked.

Press Down Button to enter the folder of main option you select. Page 22 LCD Monitor Information Indicators on the LCD screen while in Playback Mode: HD (1080p) (30fps) HD (720p) (30fps) WVGA (60fps) VGA (30fps) QVGA (30fps) High Standard Movie playback time counter Indicate the selected movie/picture is locked. Touch the desired Effect option to enter its option screen. Page 35: Section 6 Viewing Pictures And Movies On Tv, Connecting To A High-definition 16:9(wide) Tv Section 6 Viewing Pictures and Movies on TV Connecting to a High-Definition 16:9(Wide) TV Connect the HDMI cable to your camcorder’s HDMI Out port.

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