Для принтера hp р 1606 инструкция

для принтера hp р 1606 инструкция
Fix for defect (hp-info without ~/.cups/lpoptions generates error). Changed error output to debug output. Modified create_docs so that the download links are dynamically put onto the download page. For example the «Deskjet 5900 series» will have one PPD file called «hp-deskjet_5900_series», and this PPD file supports 4 different products or models (ie: DeskJet 5938, DeskJet 5940, DeskJet 5940xi and DeskJet 5943). Each model is listed inside the PPD with the «Product» attribute. Announcements: — Discontinued the RPM packaging for RHEL-5.X HPLIP 3.16.2 — This release has the following changes: Significant Changes: — Queue configuration using ‘hp-setup’ command is no more supported for HP ScanJets.

Added static PPDs to tar ball for hpcups. Added some IPP «STATE:» messages for CUPS 1.2 in the «hp» backend. Added more technical documentation about different PPD installs in the portability reference.

Fixed an issue that caused the sendfax.html doc page to not be created if ReportLab not installed on build machine. Fixed LP396296 (hp-align for DJ840C incorrectly reports 6 steps instead of 7). Fixed defect (Traceback in hp-plugin when running hp-plugin —optional or —required.) Also some minor code cleanup. Changed Fedora port open command string to better match that executed by the firewall tool.

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