Ar8200 инструкция на русском

ar8200 инструкция на русском
Antenna challenge on a small or difficult lot got you down? The TTL IC chips in the HD-1410 require +5 volts to operate. Mast and pivot bearing Now that I had a way to mount the blades onto the motor, I needed to find a way to mount the assembly up in the air. This will iso- late the line from the antenna. Maia believes that this was motivated by the FCC’s restructuring of the United States Amateur Radio Service. Well thinking about the possible use for these items brought many ideas into play.

Читать далее… Первого июля закончен редизайн сайта В новой версии сайта разнечсено по группам: Приемники — Антенны — Аксессуары — Архив моделей AOR. Добавлены контакты, а так же информацио об авторизованном сервисном центре AOR в России. The greatest is my callsign.» Haraldur Sigurosson— TF3A See the entire Smartuner family and get FREE QSL CARDS at Toll Free (800)259-7331 * Tel (425)746-6310 — Fax (425)746-6384 • Lmaii: sgi’.ii sgcwctrld.coni See you in Davlon! There is no telling Continued on page 34 (Using the vertical without radials ClFJCType250Pf Hose clamp Wire element Alligator clip see text L Bracket BNC Connector — Coax to Isolator see text Fig. 2, Using QRP vertical without radials. There K a second knob on the front panel that con- trols the volume of the sidetone.

Wind the wire on the length of the straw using the notches to hold the wire. Now connect the hot end of the cap with ihe clip to perhaps a radiator, balustrade roof ladder, or even a vehicle ground. Clearly, the most current and complete CD-ROM available. This would protect the connections, and also keep any wa- ter from seeping into the motor through the seams. I then cut a small piece of aluminum flashing and bent it into a «U»-shapcd cover, which I at- tached to the plywood with two screws. Часть1) Русский Word 14402 kb AOR AR-5000 Радиоприемник (инстр. You can clean the contacts without taking the paddles apart or remov- ing them from the case.

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