Whirlpool akp 619 инструкция

whirlpool akp 619 инструкция
FlexiCook Flexibility and performance.FlexiCook provides flexible cooking space for pots and pans of any size. Melting Function Perfect low-heat cooking.The Melting function allows you to cook at very low temperatures, providing you with the ideal solution for melting chocolate, butter or for cooking light, delicate sauces. Часто мы сталкиваемся с утерей бумажного руководства пользователя, но на Многодок можно найти его в электронном виде. Cooking Functions The availability of special cooking functions. Flexible Cooking Automatic power settings.Select the cooking function on your touch display and your hob will automatically adjust the power level accordingly.

Whirlpool is a registered trademark of Whirlpool, U.S.A. Date: 09.03.1998 Document-No.: 4812 715 18021 AKP 620/WH Page 2 3 4 5 Subject to modification 2012-2017 Upload manual Thank you for your help! Сам процесс поиска осуществляется либо по разделам, либо через одну из форм поиска. Touch sensitive controls offer complete control over your cooking while offering a safer alternative to dial with built in child lock.

Whirlpool is a registered trademark of Whirlpool, U.S.A. В связи с возросшей активностью нежелательных ботов на Hotlineс зарубежных IP-адресов, пожалуйста, подтвердите, что вы не являетесь таковым. Technology / Features Innovative technology, advanced controls and specialized materials, that help you prepare delicious dishes, reduce cleaning time, and assist you through automatic settings. You can download the latest version at the Adobe website.

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