Инструкция на трансивер ts-570dg

инструкция на трансивер ts-570dg
These are in a drop-down area toggled by the arrow button to the left of the attenuator button on the small aspect ratio dialog view. You can test the support for a particular command using the «Send Cmd» tab. Polling a value causes FLRIG to follow and well as control a particular transceiver function or control.

This is by this knob that you set all options. Indeed as all electronic devices in operation, this transceiver becomes quite warm after say 30 minutes of QSO, and the standard crystal oscillator gives a 50 Hz drift on 28 MHz over a 90 minute period of receive, at room temperature. Select the toggle button «Small sliders» on the Config menu for 1/2 size sliders and a dialog layout that uses less vertical space. FT950 Minimal Additional control settings may be available depending on the transceiver being controlled. Easy to transport. I carry mine in a Pelican case. Kenwood radios are very intuitive for me, and the TS-570D is no different. The result is dramatic interference reduction not available in analog designs.

Gives access to a «One-touch» DSP filter wide mode to instantly check band conditions when operating in narrow mode. That doesn’t mean these bands were open but if I could hear a station in the 5by7 to 5by9 signal, I could work them. The accompanying analog meter provides S-readings, PWR, COMP, SWR and ALC information. But it does basic CW and SSB well.(b) The current price for a clean used one is in the $500-$700 range. It’s hard to touch any other modern radio with similar performance for that price. (c) I bought mine as a travel radio. This data is used to populate the rig name, the available modes and the available bandwidths.

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