Evc 4 hks инструкция на русском

Unfortunately, paint protection was limited in either clear bra film or hardware masking tape. The TCS determines the percentage of front-to-rear wheel slip and if the vehicle is cornering. Light sockets are not always universal; lightbulbs are as long as you use the correct type. If you’re going to attempt it, I would recommend cutting the sockets out of the car you are going to get the taillights and headlights from and wiring them into the LeSabre’s electrical harnesses. The installation is straightforward and requires you to tap into the factory VSS, power, ground, and signal from an injector. 78 / i mp o rttu n e r. co m Tech- Knowledge We installed the unit directly into a spare OEM cluster to easily monitor our vehicle’s performance. This was all tuned with an off-the-shelf maP on a Cobb accessPort V2 system.

Чтобы получить опыт езды по кольцевому треку, Андрей принял участие в этапе Чемпионата Russian Hot Hatch Club Championship (дисциплина time-attack) на автодроме Смоленское кольцо. The larger the angle, the more downforce is initiated. Keeping with the casual nature of this build, driveability was always considered when making purchases. The XMA’s integrated high-efficiency FRD (Full Range Digital) technology allows these units to operate at well over 85 percent efficiency and also feature the latest Internal Rectifier (IR) circuitry that delivers clean power while not interfering with radio reception. Даже центральная панель в салоне «тэтэшки» – из карбона!
Динамика. Уверенность на дороге. В общем, добавить к предыдущему моему отзыву нечего. В общем, прощаюсь с машиной с не очень хорошим осадком. With the ability to do everything in-house, no job was left undone. Мануал только на английском, все не могу перевести. Может где галку не поставил?!Вот смотри, я ставлю целевой буст, ставлю процентовку относительно стоку, сохраняю.

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