Инструкция по подключению dys 3 axis smart bl gimbal

The X380 still retains the x-shaped body, the twin headlights and landing legs that look like retractable antennas from a 1960’s science fiction movie. Please look at the back of the board to indicate which terminal is positive and negative. Для плат версии 3. Таким образом мы изменили номиналы подтяжки шины I2C. To do aerial filming it doesn’t have to be a large multicopter, let’s push the limit of mini quad and mount a 3-axis camera gimbal on it, see what we can do. I chose the Feiyu Mini3D gimbal for this aerial photography platform, because of its small form factor and light weight. Появилась вибрация — уменьшаем значение Р на 1 единицу.Шаг 7 (для Roll)С шагом в 1 единицу увеличиваем D. До тех пор пока вибрация не пропадет или почти пропадетШаг 8Подключаем мотор Pitch. Like the P3, the X380-C has its own drawbacks too but there aren’t many to mention here.

Choose from over 13,000 locations across the UK Prime members get unlimited deliveries at no additional cost How to order to an Amazon Pickup Location? The X380 is amazingly stable in the air. And because it was 2-axis, yaw vibration was a real headache. I have always have this idea of mounting a gimbal on a mini quad, so I was looking for a light weight 3 axis camera gimbal. You can even replace the 2-axis gimbal with a gimbal of your choice and add your own choice of FPV transmitter and antenna. This setup is a bit complicated with plastic parts and wires sticking out from underneath the body. Если при поворотах камера наклоняется, то перекалибруйте датчик.
Такое расположение избавит от необходимости дальнейшей настройки положения датчика относительно центра осей, что просто экономит время и нервы. The frame IMU is the IMU that has two 4pin wires/connections on it. Please make sure to disconnect the motors/battery before trying to update the firmware. Or the best option is to download the latest version of the GUI and firmware and update your boards firmware via the GUI. To do this download the latest firmware.hex file and the latest GUI tool. Here is the build log for the ZMR250 I am using.

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