Инструкция к technic 42000

инструкция к technic 42000
Between us we own 15,673,831 sets worth at least US$419,986,021 and containing 4,003,969,440 pieces. Also it has IR remote control, two L Motors and one of the new servo motors ( no more rubber bands on the steering ). Read my review of this fantastic set here. Everytime it surprises me again how many people would like to build my models and ask for instructions. To meet the request, instructions for my latest Technic model the 42000 Street Rod alternative are now available at MOCplans! I recently purchased a set, Technic 42000 Grand Prix Racer, that I am very happy with.

Due to the work involved I ask for a small compensation. If you don’t like to sign up or be online to view the instructions, there is an alternative to purchase and download them from here. This is one of the next model I will buy. This was my first Lego Technic build in over 15 years, and I must admit it was a great build to get me back into the range.

When you build it you have the sense of understanding. Just look how cool it looks, I couldn’t but buy it. Here is my review. I really enjoyed this set.

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