Инструкция epson al-m2000

Instructions for generating the even-numbered pages will be displayed while the odd-numbered pages are output. Operating Principles Printing Process EPSON AcuLaser C2000 Revision C Waste Toner Full Sensd When waste toner is low. Only use media types which are suitable for double-sided printing. Paper jams or improperly placed binding margins may occur if the printouts are not reloaded correctly. Specify the margins by typing in the Margin input boxes or by manipulating the preview image.

This is to allow electrical continuity between the coated cover and printer frame. As shown in the figure above, one of the screws securing the Rear Right Cover has a washer. The RITech, Toner Save and Resolution values are set while the printer is started up, and the other values that are printed out are factory settings. Transfer Belt HV1 OPC Dru Figure 2-20. Mid-Transfer Operating Principles Printing Process EPSON AcuLaser C2000 Revision C Paper Transfer Paper transfer method is roller transfer method. For example, if a 10-mm margin is specified, a 20-mm margin will be inserted (a margin of 10 mm will be placed on each side of the fold). Portrait Landscape Folding Edge Margin Click OK to return to the Page Setup dialog box, then click OK to save your settings. Never disclose these special operations to the users. Select the Folded Booklet check box to make single-fold booklets.
Others Replace PWB-A. Power supply fan motor (M8) rotates by two rotational speed; full speed / half speed. The pages that will appear inside the booklet can then be printed after the paper is reloaded into the printer as shown in the illustration below. When this check box is selected, the blank portion of the last page of your document is not fed through the printer. Enter the width and the height of your paper by typing the text in the appropriate box.

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