Brother rs 250 инструкция

brother rs 250 инструкция
Corona failure 2 Is the corona wire dirty? Refer to Subsection 2.2 ‘Service Calls’ in CHAPTER 6. 2-14 CHAPTER 2 INSTALLATION AND BASIC OPERATION 5.5 Control Panel Button Operations The control panel button is used for the following purposes depending on the situation. Color Laser Printers Quality and Affordability — Brother Digital Color LED TechnologyBrother color laser printers are fast, flexible and feature-rich.

Yes Replace the laser unit. 6-33 CHAPTER 6 TROUBLESHOOTING 1-15 White spots User Check (1) If the problem is not solved after printing a few pages, the drum unit may have glue from label stock on the photosensitive drum surface. Try to connect the printer and PC with the USB cable directly. Set paper in the manual feed slot with the solid black side down . Turn on the power switch while holding down the control panel button. Error recovery If an error occurs, the printer will recover from some errors automatically. If the error does not clear automatically, press the button to clear the error and continue printer operation. Швейная машинка модели RS260 от известного производителя Brother станет незаменимой помощницей для любой хозяйки, функциональные возможности которой по достоинству оценит как любительница швейного дела, так и простая домохозяйка.

Unnecessary disconnection of the ground wire may cause increased printer noise. Then, purchase the appropriate interface cable (parallel or USB) for your computer. Reprint function You can reprint a print job without sending it from the computer again.

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