Инструкция thetford кассетный c402c

инструкция thetford кассетный c402c
For SOG Ventilators for fluids-free cassette management please click here. The toilet is charged with clean water and toilet additive. Including a touch button 12volt pump for the toilet flush.FeaturesHolding tank has wheels and a retractable carrying handle.

Comfortable seating position is higher and deeper than earlier models. My Account SPECIAL OFFERS Status Digital Aerial 530 £109.99 Baumatic BRT200 Integrated F/F £119.99. The seat can also be adjusted [in 15 steps] up to 90 in both directions.

With its 2 x 90 degree revolving toilet bowl, the C-260 has several exciting new, improved features and a contemporary design. A more stable seat & cover, easier to clean bowl design and an improved flush are some examples. Toilet connected to central water system of caravan or motorhome. These new Porta Potti products take leisure to the next level, by offering unparalleled user comfort and excellent design. It meets the current and future desires for anyone in need of a sanitary solution that doesn’t require a connection to a drainage or water system.

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