Инструкция cressi archimede 2

инструкция cressi archimede 2
Dive computer has only one violation (not like in Aeris, Oceanic, or Tusa brands, where we have conditional and 3 delayed violations). After that it locks and works as a clock only with possibility to access Logbook and History. For freediving Cressi Giotto is not equipped with specific freediving alarms — so be aware of that! In GAUGE mode dive computer works as a depth gauge and timer only and doesn’t perform any NDLs and desaturation calculations. Then enter this mode by pressing the central Mode button. Nueva retroiluminación de la pantalla muy visible de color blanco. Cressi’s PC Interface Kit for its Leonardo dive computer is compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems that can be downloaded at . During this operation I had to keep MODE button pressed all the time to confirm the mix change.

Then place your Leonardo face-down in the cradle and you’re ready to start transferring and printing out dive profile data. For more information:Find this product at your local Cressi dealer. However, it will still monitor the oxygen and nitrogen loading, as well as display the saturation time and time to fly for 24 hours. Also would be nice to have a DIVE SIMULATOR mode, as in Cressi Archimede 2. This function might be very useful for newbies, who just got their Giotto and wanted to become familiar with it in no time.

Press right or left buttons to move between 9 m and 48 m with steps of 3 m. The screen will display NO-DECO times related to the different depths. Setting Cressi Giotto is pretty straightforward and with well-written user manual that has easy to follow pictures — you shouldn’t have any issues with that! And if during our dive session all 5 segments light up — this means CNS toxicity reached 100%. Dive should be terminated in the sake of diver’s safety.High PO2 alarm comes on if diver goes deeper than maximum allowable depth according to gas mix set. The manual contains major sections covering rebreathers, no-decompression diving, open-circuit SCUBA, surface-supplied diving, the diving environment, Navy dive procedures, physics, physiology and recompression chamber operation. Just to test DECO mode I overshot my NDLs. Cressi Giotto reacted on this by warning me firstly, and then by changing display to DECO mode and giving me loud audio. They are similar to Archimede 2, big enough and easy to press.

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