Шаран инструкция климатроник

They offer younger passengers optimum safety and comfort. Take, as an example, the second row, i.e. the traditional back seats: this comprises individual seats that can be moved 160mm back and forth and which now provide much more legroom thanks to, among other changes, the height of the seats being increased by 58mm. The development engineers have improved comfort on the new model still further. Setting your air con isn’t hard (just not as easy as climate control) and the money you save could be better spent on integrated sat-nav. They sit relatively low on the vehicle, conveying a sense of airiness and transparency. The design of the vehicle body, which is both appealing and functional, is thus epitomised by clear, horizontal lines. It is fresh, yet certainly not dictated by any transient fashion.

This means automatic steering for parking in even smaller spaces, including on pavements, between trees and even on corners, plus now, for the first time on an MPV, for parking at an angle to the traffic. The seats are suitable for children aged three and above. This means that misted windows are also a thing of the past. Its concise front and rear contours, in particular, plus its prominent wheel arches, create a totally new street presence.

Maintaining a pleasant climate keeps the driver’s powers of concentration and reactions sharp, both of which are vital for safe motoring. Where the customer opts for the 7-seater, the second row again has three seats, as in the 5-seater version (2:3:2). The 6 and 7-seater versions of the Volkswagen Sharan are supplied with several added features across all equipment lines. The cooled and dried air is then blown into the cabin of your car. A compressor cools the refrigerant down to the required temperature. You generally just choose whether you want it cooler or hotter than it currently is, rather than picking a particular temperature. This also produces a continuous luggage space, which — measured up to the backrests of the front seats — is 2.1 metres long. The luggage capacity then increases to 1.167 litres.The seats in the second row are folded down via an equally easy-to-use folding mechanism.

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