Инструкция сузуки ф 80

The ride is comfortable and the steering sweet for such a small, cheap car, while the grip the chassis delivers gives a reassuring feeling. Even metallic paint is included and five-door cars get electric windows at the back as well as the front. The body is stiffer, while the suspension has been tweaked to improve stability and comfort. But low running costs aren’t the only reason for me warming to the Baleno. I’ve made lots of trips to and from Heathrow to pick up and drop off my daughter on her visits home from Spain. At Christmas I collected her and a friend with all their luggage.

Identification and Background ¶ The Suzuki FA50, also known as the «Shuttle,» is a moped produced by Suzuki from 1980 to 1991. Throughout the years Suzuki changed the moped very slightly, primarily by using different coloring schemes. With all-round disc brakes the Sport stops quickly, but the brake pedal’s spongy nature means it isn’t as reassuring as it could be when you first apply pressure. Kids should be fine, though, and the option to have rear doors is bound to be popular with families. The line-up consisted of three basic models, the CS50 (49cc two-stroke engine[1]), CS80 (79cc two-stroke[2]) and CS125 (125cc four-stroke[3]). The CS series were marketed as the ‘Suzuki Gemma’ in Asia, and the ‘Suzuki Roadie’ in the UK and Australasia. There are no parking sensors, either, although the standard-fit seven-inch screen on our SZ5 model gives a clear image from the reversing camera, which makes parking in confined spaces straightforward.
With 136hp and 118Ib ft of torque, it can get the Swift from 0-62mph in 8.7 second and on to a top speed of 121mph. But it’s also been a little inconsistent recently. But one thing that’s gone relatively unnoticed is the engine.

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